How fast can Dragonfly go?
Dragonfly has a maximum speed of 32 mph (about 51 km/h) in Off-Road Mode. If you want to change the driving mode or set a lower max speed, it can be done through the onboard Digital Display. If your country requires a lower maximum speed, this will be set prior to shipping.
How does the steering work?

The patented Dragonfly 3D Full-Tilt steering technology lets you synchronize your center of gravity with the movement of the vehicle through a combination of leaning, tilting and twisting. It’s like surfing on land.

You can use your feet to engage the rear wheel steering to get maximum carving capability. Three steering dimensions create all-wheel turning precision for reliable handling and confidence while moving and steering.

What’s included in the DFX package?

The DFX package offers additional features designed to let you take your journey off-road and carve your own path:

  • 10” pneumatic all-terrain tires
  • Automotive-grade polymer mudguards
  • Automotive-grade polymer fender cover
  • Handlebar guards with integrated LED turn signals for additional protection from elements
  • Carbon package includes carbon fiber mudguards and fender cover
How easy is it to store Dragonfly?
Dragonfly is fully foldable and can stand vertically with a footprint of just under 18 square inches (45 square cm), making it easily storable in your home or office.

The Drive

How should I prepare for my first ride?

For brand new drivers, Dragonfly can take a bit of getting used to. For a smooth start, we recommend adjusting the following settings:

  1. Turn e-ABS off.
    e-ABS enables One Drive, where the accelerator also acts as a brake — when you press the accelerator you speed up, and when you release it the brakes automatically engage. (if you’ve ever driven a Tesla, it’s similar to that experience.) This feature improves the amount of charge you gain from the regenerative braking, but we recommend getting the hang of your vehicle before turning it on.
  2. Set your brake intensity to 25%.
    At 100% braking intensity going at full speed, the brake will engage as if you slammed on the brakes. We recommend starting at 25% intensity and increasing it as you prefer once you’re used to driving your Dragonfly.
  3. Put your weight on your back leg as you brake.
    In addition to lowering your brake intensity, keeping your weight on your back foot will counteract the momentum carrying you forward when you brake.
How stable is Dragonfly?
The four-wheel configuration of Dragonfly is naturally stable, enhanced by all-around independent suspension and four deck springs, which you can personalize according to your weight and driving style preference. All-wheel braking and traction control further enhance the road wheel grip and give assurance to the driver.
What suspension does Dragonfly have?
The vehicle has an adjustable double- wishbone hydraulic damped sprung suspension at each of the four wheels. This allows you to personalize your driving experience for different types of roads and conditions by adjusting the stiffness of the suspension struts. Every Dragonfly comes with a toolkit that contains all the tools you need to make these adjustments.
Can I personalize my Dragonfly driving experience in any other ways?
Yes! You can adjust your vehicle settings to your preference, including torque, off-road mode, braking, and more. Dragonfly has four adjustable springs at each corner of the deck, which alter the deck tilt-tension allowing you to adjust for a more fluid or stiff driving experience.
Does my Dragonfly have lights for driving at night, or indicators for turning?
Yes! Dragonfly comes with automotive grade front and rear lighting and rear turn signals as standard. The DFX package also comes with additional turning indicators in the handle bars, which are an optional addition to the standard model as well.
Does my Dragonfly have traction control?
Yes! Both of the front wheels have automatic traction control as standard.
How many drive modes are there?
Your Dragonfly has four drive modes to choose from. Depending on driver weight and driving conditions, the max speeds for each drive mode are:
  • D1 (max speed of about 5 mph / 8k m/h)
  • D2 (max speed of about 15 mph / 25 km/h)
  • D3 (max speed of about 32 mph / 51 km/h)
  • R (reverse – max speed of about 2.5 mph / 5 km/h)
How many motors does the Dragonfly have?
Dragonfly comes with two 500W motors, one in each of the front wheels.
What is the maximum driver weight for Dragonfly?
Dragonfly has been tested to hold drivers up to 254 pounds.
What are the tire specifications and options?
Dragonfly tires are natural rubber pneumatic tyres. The standard Dragonfly comes with urban treads and the optional DFX package includes all-terrain tires for off-road adventures. Both types of tires are quickly interchangeable to suit your preference, and are available to purchase as optional extras. Tire size is 10 x 2.5 inches (255 x 80 mm).
What’s the maximum hill ratio it can handle?
Dragonfly can climb grades up to 25%.
What about the brakes?

Dragonfly has two types of brakes — one to use while you’re driving, and another to use while you’re stopped, similar to a parking brake. The front wheels have modulated electronic brakes, which are controlled by the brake switch on the right-hand side, and rear wheels have mechanical brakes, controlled by the brake lever on the left-hand side.

IMPORTANT: Make sure eABS is OFF when you first start driving your Dragonfly. We also recommend you always use the left (rear) brake as the first choice and feather in the right brake as you get used to driving the vehicle.

Unboxing Your Dragonfly

Will Dragonfly come fully assembled?
Yes — Dragonfly comes assembled with the exception of optional accessories. Below are some helpful illustrations, and you can click here for detailed instructions on assembly, adjustments, and accessories.
What else is included as standard?

Every vehicle comes with a charger and a tool kit as standard. Each tool kit includes:

  1. Shock Wrench (adjusting suspension)
  2. Wheel Bolt Star Wrench (tire replacement)
  3. Wrenches
  4. Valve Extender
  5. Allen Wrench (2.5, 3, 4, 5, 8)
  6. Wheel Cap Wrench

To upgrade your experience, we also have a full range of accessories built specifically for your Dragonfly.

How do I install my accessories?

Click below for instructions for each Dragonfly accessory:

The Battery

Are the batteries removable and/or changeable?
Yes! The batteries are removable. You can purchase an additional fast charger so you can charge one at your home or office, and drive with another. Having more than one battery enables drivers to extend their range. We've also installed a lock key to provide further security for the battery itself.
How long should my battery take to charge?
The battery will take three hours to charge fully. From 0-70% it should take around two hours. Premium battery cells have been chosen to extend range and battery life. You can also purchase a fast charger, which will fully charge your vehicle in about half the time (approximately 90 minutes).
What is the spec of the battery?
Dragonfly comes with high-quality 20Ah Samsung cells.
What is the spec of the charger?
We provide a 3 Amp charger as standard. You can also buy a fast 4.5 Amp fast charger if you want to have one at home and at your place of work.

Dragonfly Digital Display

What features can I access through the Digital Display?
All vehicle diagnostics and settings are available. You can also personalize your driving experience to suit your driving style by adjusting braking intensity, acceleration curve, drive modes, display and lighting settings, and more.
Can I pair Dragonfly to my phone?
Yes! Simply choose “Connect Phone” from the dropdown menu on the Dragonfly Digital Display and scan the QR code with your phone. All of your phone functions (navigation, alerts, etc.) will then be visible on the display.

Driving conditions and weather

Can I drive Dragonfly in the rain/snow?

Yes — but obviously these conditions will be more challenging so take care! Dragonfly has an off-road mode (D3) for enhanced performance in order to deliver the torque required for more demanding terrain. This mode has a greater potential risk of injury and therefore requires careful consideration for safety and all applicable laws. Upon selecting the D3 mode you will be reminded of this.

Always use caution before and during your drive and always wear personal protective equipment when driving. Always practice somewhere safe, away from moving objects and pedestrians and away from any potential hazard.

For even more control in cold weather, we will release snow tires soon. Stay tuned!

Is the display waterproof? What is the IPX level?
Yes. The IPX level is 5.
Am I able to drive the Dragonfly at night?
Yes! Your Dragonfly has automotive grade front headlights with an option of 1000 lumens, perfect for nighttime riding.


Do you ship worldwide?
Yes we do! As a brand, Dragonfly is committed to making our mobility revolution possible around the world. We currently ship worldwide from Europe, Canada, the US, and Australia for an additional international shipping fee — please ensure you check any local import duty that may be payable.
Do I need to pay customs fees?
For customers outside of the UK, Canada, the US, or Australia, customs fees will likely apply — please check any local import duty that may be payable for your country.


What is the warranty policy?
Please click here.
Is it legal to drive a Dragonfly where I live?
Before driving we ask our drivers to do their own research regarding local laws and federal regulations. It is your responsibility to adhere to any applicable laws when driving. D-Fly Group Ltd cannot be held liable for drivers’ breach of the laws.
I have another question!
If you have any other questions you’d like to ask, let us know! Contact us at!

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